Gonbad Industrial Settlement, Golestan Province

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Quality Control

Iodine analysis according to the USP method
Purity according to USP standard should not be less than 99.80% and more than 100.5%. Non-volatile residue: Weigh...
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Analysis of potassium iodide according to USP
“According to the USP method, the purity of potassium iodide should not be less than 99% and more...
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Preparation of 0.1 M thiosulfate solution
According to the USP method: Dissolve 26 grams of sodium thiosulfate 5 A along with 200 milligrams of...
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Standardize with 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate
Standardization of sodium thiosulfate 0.1 M by USP method: Weigh the amount of 210 mg of potassium dichromate,...
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Molarity of concentrated acids
Acids Molarity Percent S.G. To make 1M soln Acetic acid MW=60.05 17.4M 99% 1.05 58 mls / liter HCl MW=36.46 11.6M 36% 1.18 Use...
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Standard test method to determine water hardness
Standard test method to determine water hardness value ASTM-D1126-02 Scope of application: This test...
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Preparation of commonly used identifiers
Preparation table of important identifiers according to USP order   Row The Persian name of the...
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Standardization of potassium iodate 0.05 M
Necessary solutions: 1- 7 normal sulfuric acid 2- Potassium iodide 0.6 M 3- Standardized 0.1 M sodium...
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