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Aghaltin Shimi, the first producer of
iodine derivatives in Middle East

Aghaltin Shimi Company is the sole producer of iodine derivatives in the country and even in the Middle East and produces its products under the registered trade name of “Altin”. Calcium iodate (Ca(IO3)2) product conforming to the FCC food standard was also added to the products with the efforts of the company’s Research and Development Department. In addition to other iodine derivatives, such as sodium iodide (NaI), copper iodide (CuI), and mercury iodide (HgI2), the company also produces other products, including barium chloride (BaCl2), which was a completely imported product.



National Standard Badge Holder

The first recipient of the national standard for iodide and potassium iodate in 1391 and the holder of the standard license until 1402, due to the optional nature of this standard, this license was not renewed from 1403 by Aqaltin Chemical.

Holder of Ministry of Food and Drug License

A permission to produce food-grade potassium iodate was issued for Aghaltin Shimi in 2013 due to the consumption of potassium iodate in the salt by meeting the demands and requirements of the Food and Drug Organization.

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