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About Aghaltin

Aghaltin Shimi, the first producer of
iodine derivatives in Middle East

Aghaltin Shimi Company is the sole producer of iodine derivatives in the country and even in the Middle East and produces its products under the registered trade name of “Altin”. Calcium iodate (Ca(IO3)2) product conforming to the FCC food standard was also added to the products with the efforts of the company’s Research and Development Department. In addition to other iodine derivatives, such as sodium iodide (NaI), copper iodide (CuI), and mercury iodide (HgI2), the company also produces other products, including barium chloride (BaCl2), which was a completely imported product.

High quality products

Due to the wide range of applications of the company's products, these materials are under the supervision of various government entities and organizations such as Standards Department, Health, Food and Drug Organization, and Veterinary Organization, and there is continuous monitoring of the product quality.

Support for Domestic Consumers

The company delivers its products with a guarantee in line with customer-orientation and respect for the rights of consumers and the customer can return the product or request a replacement in case of dissatisfaction. In addition, the Quality Control Department of the company is always ready to provide free advice on the products’ Certificate of Analysis and test method.

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CEO's words

With the help of the Almighty God, by applying experience and knowledge and using all the available capacities, we aim to maintain the products quality in order to win the customers satisfaction, to increase the productivity and to take steps towards obtaining the technical knowledge of new products. The industry sector is the main driver of growth, success, and innovation of countries; Accordingly, Aq Altin Shimi Company, which supplies raw materials for important industries, considers itself obliged to meet the needs of its customers.
The management’s perspective has always been on the training of human resources to develop and enhance the technical and scientific knowledge of employees and to create an active research and development team, as well as to provide a safe and suitable working environment to maintain the health of employees.
Success in achieving the desired goals depends on the empathy and executive and intellectual participation of dear colleagues, and the company’s administration considers itself committed to implementing and providing the grounds of effectiveness and continuous improvement of the company’s management.