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Aghaltin was introduced as a knowledge-based company

Aghaltin Shimi Company was introduced as a knowledge-based company due to its innovation in the production of potassium iodates, with the opinion of the evaluation and qualification evaluation working group of companies.

On 2023, Aghaltin Shimi Company was approved by Danesh Bonian in the field of advanced material technology and products based on chemical technologies and at an innovative level.
This approval has been issued for the calcium iodate monohydrate product with the chemical formula Ca(IO3)2.H2O, which has an important application in livestock and poultry industries.

It should be mentioned that this company had already succeeded in obtaining knowledge approval for two important and strategic products, potassium iodide KI and potassium iodate KIO3, in 2013.

In the definition of knowledge-based companies, it is stated that companies or groups that aim to synergize science and wealth, develop a knowledge-based economy, realize scientific and economic goals (including the expansion and application of inventions and innovations) and commercialize the results of research and development (including design and the production of goods and services) in the field of superior technologies and with a lot of added value, especially in the production of related software, are called knowledge-based companies.