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معرفی پتاسیم یدید
Introduction of potassium iodide
Potassium iodide is one of the important derivatives of iodine in pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and...
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اثر یدید پتاسیم بر خصوصیات زراعی
The effect of potassium iodide on agricultural characteristics and grain yield of bread wheat genotypes
In order to investigate the effect of moisture stress and the use of chemical desiccants (potassium iodide)...
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What is iodine deficiency?
What is iodine deficiency? Iodine is a mineral that is needed for the production of thyroid hormone....
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Refined salt or sea salt, which is better?
What is the difference between common salt and sea salt? For some time now, we have been hearing the...
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نقش ید در بدن
The role of iodine in the body
Iodine is one of the micronutrients that exists in the amount of 20 to 50 mg in the human body, of which...
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Introduction of iodine
Iodine, [7553-56-2], with an atomic mass of 126.9044, atomic number 53, is a non-metallic element of...
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