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Mercury iodide

Introduction of Mercury Iodide (HgI2)

Mercuric iodide is a mineral compound with chemical formula HgI2. It is a red-orange solid with very low solubility in water and its crystal structure is tetragonal. It dissolves in alkaline solutions and yields a complex salt.

Structure of Mercury Iodide

Applications of Mercury Iodide :

They affect the chemiluminescence (chemoluminescence) of mercury iodide, which is used in production of high-quality photodetectors, as a catalyst in the transfer of the polymerization group of methacrylates or acrylates, identification of nuclear particles, some metals such as palladium, copper, aluminum, tin, silver, and tantalum.

No. CAS 7774-29-0
Molecular mass (g/mol) 454.40
melting point (0C) 259
boiling point (0C) 350
Density (g/cm3) 6.36
Solubility in water (g/100 g H2O) 0.006
Other names