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Potassium iodate

Introduction of Potassium Iodate

Potassium Iodate with chemical formula of KIO3 [CAS No. 7758-05-6], which crystallizes in a trigonal structure, is a white powder that is considered one of the important sources of iodine and is necessary to produce thyroid hormones. Chemically, the iodates are considered oxidizing compounds and decompose at 560 degrees Celsius.

Monoclinic Structure of Potassium Iodate

Applications of Potassium Iodate :

Iodization of salt:
A committee from the World Health Organization concluded that adding potassium iodate to flour to supply the iodine needed by the human body is unacceptable because bread is highly consumed and this can lead to excessive intake of iodine, but at the same time, the committee approved the use of potassium iodate to fortify the salt, as its use in the salt results in less iodine intake than the widespread use of bread. This material is more stable than potassium iodide, that’s why the potassium iodate is used to iodize the salt, especially in tropical countries.

Medication :
– Use in some iodine-based disinfectants
– Preparation of potassium iodate tablets to prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine radiations in nuclear centers.

Other Applications :
– In laboratory analyses in iodometric titrations and analysis of arsenic and zinc samples
– Use in light polarization filters

Table 2 Altin Potassium Iodate Product Specifications

Net Weight : 25 kg

The packaging of all the company’s products is in metallized bags that include 3 layers of polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene.

Safety and Storage:

Potassium iodate may react severely with combustible and reducing agents such as aluminum, organic compounds, hydrogen peroxide, and sulfides. The products resulted from its dangerous decomposition are hydrogen iodide, iodine, and potassium oxides. Avoid storing this material next to the above compounds and store it in an environment with low humidity and away from direct light or heat.