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Standardization of potassium iodate 0.05 M

Necessary solutions:

1- 7 normal sulfuric acid

2- Potassium iodide 0.6 M

3- Standardized 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate

Method of work:

1- Pipet 5 ml of 7 normal sulfuric acid into it.

3- Pipette 20 ml of 0.05 M potassium iodate into a flask with a lid.

2- Pipet 8 ml of 0.6 M potassium iodide into the Erlenmeyer flask.

4- Titrate the iodine released from the reaction with standardized 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate.

5- Near the end point, add 3 milliliters of starch binder to continue the discoloration of the titer solution.

Do the above test more than 2 times and average the results.