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Obtaining license to manufacture calcium iodate and potassium iodate

For the first time in the country, Aghaltin Shimi Company was able to obtain a manufacturing license for calcium iodate and potassium iodate products from the country’s veterinary organization. In August 2022, these two products were approved by the veterinary organization in terms of quality.

Calcium iodate and potassium iodate are two important and widely used substances in livestock and poultry industry. Considering the production of these products in the company and the requirement to obtain the relevant permits, the necessary measures were taken to obtain a manufacturing license from the veterinary organization, and after going through the administrative procedures and confirming the quality of the product samples by the authorized veterinary laboratory, in August 2022 for these two Altin product was issued a manufacturing license in the pharmaceutical food supplement group and IVC code was awarded for Altin potassium and calcium iodate.