Gonbad Industrial Settlement, Golestan Province

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Aghaltin became a member of Golestan Science and Technology Park

Aghaltin Shimi Company became a member of the Science and Technology Park of Golestan Province after submitting the necessary documents and verifying the necessary qualifications.

The science and technology park is an organization that, in addition to being managed by professional specialists, with the aim of increasing wealth in the society by promoting the culture of innovation and constructive competition between the companies present in the park and institutions that rely on science and knowledge, provides a place to In that defined geographical area, no technological idea was left idle, and it facilitated the services that could be provided through growth centers and reproductive processes.

Goals of the park :
Help increase wealth in society through the development of a knowledge-based economy
commercialization of academic research results and realization of communication between the research, production and service sectors of the society
Increasing the competitiveness and growth of knowledge-based companies
Helping to attract technical knowledge and domestic and international funds
Increasing the presence and specialized participation of domestic technology companies at the international level
Supporting the creation and establishment of small and medium technology companies
Supporting innovative research and engineering institutes and companies
Development of international cooperation to use global experiences
Effective presence in the technology markets of the world
Currently, only 17 companies in Golestan province have succeeded in becoming a member of Science and Technology Park.